Facts You Need to Know About Anime Industry Products and Merchandise

If you’re a big fan of watching anime shows, and reading anime blogs like https://dubbedanimehq.com/ then you probably would want to splurge on some fun anime products. But what is anime merchandise and how does one get them? Well, these are only a few of the many questions we are going to answer over the next few sections. As you read on, you will find a detailed insight on everything you wanted to know about anime merchandise in the anime industry.

What Are The Different Types of Anime Merchandise in the Anime Industry?

Anime merchandise can be classified in multiple categories. Whether it is action figures, mini-figures, clothes, or statues; if you are an avid anime fan, you will be practically spoilt for choices. Over the next few sections, you will find a list of the top anime merchandise that most fans vouch for!

Action Figures

When it comes to anime merchandise, anime action figures are our top choice. Available in a wide range of facial expressions and poses, these figurines are a must-needed addition to your home. Certain anime figures also have flexible body parts that can be attached and even re-attached. Offering you full control and ample flexibility, action figures are an excellent way to control your favorite anime characters.

In one way, an anime action figure gives you the opportunity to bring the characters in reality with the help of their body parts and facial expressions. These are a top option for people who are looking to gain

  • Complete control over their figures
  • An anime figure with plenty of options for customization
  • A realistic figure that has features matching the original anime character

Incredibly flexible, anime figures are available online. You can check almost every leading e-commerce portal to get these figures.

Anime Accessories

Anime accessories can be best defined as the accessories used by your favorite anime characters. They can also be regular accessories that carry the theme of your favorite anime show. Some of the top options for anime accessories include charms, anime-themed neckpieces, notepads, keyrings, dolls, and plushies. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and yet incredibly useful-anime accessories are the kind of anime merchandise you probably need. Getting these items are also an excellent way to support your favorite anime shows without breaking the bank.

PVC Statues

When it comes to anime merchandise, PVC statues are yet another top option. These are primarily the kind of anime figures that are fully stationary. They don’t have any facial expression or added body parts like your conventional anime figures. This is also the reason why you cannot customize or change their body parts. There are, however, some rare statues, that offer you this option.

One of the primary reasons people buy PVC anime statues is because they are of exceptional quality and are made from multiple materials. What’s more, they also stand out as the biggest anime figures that are available for purchase. Yes, some of these statues are as tall as 16 inches which are almost similar to the standard screen of your laptop. PVC statues are ideal for the ones:

  • Who are looking for something simple.
  • Who are looking for a figure that has its own stand base.
  • Wants bigger anime figures
  • Doesn’t have any issue with splurging more for the best product

The largest merchandise available, these figures are made of different materials and therefore have more variety when compared to the regular action figures.

Nendoroid Figures

These are the anime action figures that have been transformed into a mini toy. Featuring a massive head and a design similar to kids, these figures are incredibly popular among anime fans. If, however, you are hesitant as to why you should buy them, here are some valid reasons.

Size: Nendoroid Figures are small in size and perfectly ideal for the ones who don’t have enough shelf space.

Appearance: Yet another reason why people choose these figures is that they are incredibly cute.

Variety: The third factor in consideration is the variety. These figures have some of the most unique designs, out of the box accessories, funky action poses, and customizable body parts.

Since these figures have been strategically crunched in size, they appear and feel different when compared to your regular action figures. That said, they also appear good enough to have a perfect resemblance with your favorite anime character.

Either way, these figures are great if you’re looking for something incredibly adorable and that too at an affordable rate.

Mini Figures

These are not the same as an action figure, statue, or PVC figure. The structure and appearance of mini-figures are fully different. They are also the smallest variant of anime figure that you will come across. Most mini figures may or may not feature quirky accessories or facial reactions. If you are wondering whether you should buy these figures, here are some reasons.

  • Since these are the smallest anime accessory aver, you will have ample shelf space for accommodating them.
  • Certain anime mini-figures come in bundles with similar or related figures.
  • These are perhaps the cheapest anime merchandise.
  • You can buy them both online or offline.
  • Usually, they don’t come with any added parts can be set up in an instant.


Every anime fan is fond of cool and quirky anime themed clothes. So, when it comes to anime merchandise this is indeed one of our top options. You will find almost every kind of anime themed clothes either in the shape of your favorite character or with their logo.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Anime Merchandise

  • Always buy your merchandise from reputed dealers. When you receive a package check for the manufacturer’s stamp and logo.
  • If you are buying from an e-commerce portal, always check with the manufacturer’s site to see if the company has the kind of product you are planning to buy.
  • Do not go for cheap deals, because most merchandise offers aren’t as cheap.

Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about the best anime merchandise, what are you waiting for? Check the available merchandise in the anime industry and choose the one that you ardently love! We are certain that one or multiple of these listed merchandises will catch your fancy.