Anime Movie Genres: The Top Types of Anime Movies

Whether you just got into anime or you are a fan for quite a long time, you know that there are plenty of anime movies to discover. All of them are fun and have the potential of becoming your new favorite genre.

It depends what you are looking for. Do you want to be captivated by an action-packed anime? Or would you like to laugh your heart out by watching something fun? Maybe you’ll like to challenge yourself by watching something thrilling that makes you think. How about remembering history?

Anime has something for everyone. That’s for sure. If you want to explore the top genres, this is for you. Crunchyroll has a great selection of genres.

There are basically two main categories of animes:

  1. Anime movies that focus on real-life events
  2. Fantasy animes that are based on supernatural or imaginative elements

Yet each of these has a plethora of genres. So there is plenty of anime movies to watch. For example check this list out.

Here are the top types of anime movies:

– Sci-Fi

It’s one genre that focuses on the technological or scientific elements. It features machines and various technology developments. Among the most popular Sci-Fi animes are: Knights of Sidonia and Evangelion.

– Magic

These anime movies are all about magical things that surround the events and the characters. A popular theme is girls with magic powers. The most popular magic animes are: Magical Doremi, Little Witch Academia and Magi: Labyrinth of Magic.

– Romance

This one is mainly made for ladies. Yet there is no shame for guys to like it too. The romances feature sweet love stories, which can make one dream. 

They create a wonderful world full of passion and love. It is one that will take you away to a land of dreams. Examples of romance animes are: Kare Nao, Valkyria Chroniclea and Itazura na Kiss.

– Drama

You might turn on the volume on emotions for this kind of animes. They bond the viewers to the experiences that the characters are going through. 

The animated characters are full of life and can make you turn on the water works. The ultimate goal is to make any viewer feel something and engage. The best known drama animes include: Ciannad, Kanon and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

– Martial Arts

Martial arts are the key elements to animes that contain a lot of fights. Quite all anime movies that feature some sort of battles includes martial arts. Whether it’s swordfights or armed battles, the shows don’t leave out the good old martial arts.

Here we have the completely iconic Dragon Ball Z ( .

This anime actually introduced the art of anime in the Western world. Many current anime fans started with this anime. 

It is incredibly popular all over the world now and it practically skyrocketed the popularity of anime movies.Dragon Ball Z is about the adventures of Goku who wants to defend the earth from evil.

– Historical

Most of these animes are set in Ancient Japan or in the Middle Ages. The key players here are Samurai Champloo and Rurouni Kenshin.
You can find anime movies also set somewhere else than Asia, for example in France. The Rose of Versailles is the best example.

But the history genre is highly complex. Evne if they are set in the past, they sometimes include also superpowers, action or fantasy elements. They often also feature a lot of drama, so they are usually created for rather advanced anime fans. The ones that combine history with fantasy are often easier to follow as they have that tiny modern touch. This is good especially for fans who also enjoy supernatural movies.

– Fantasy

These animes are set in a totally fantastic world. Imagination doesn’t have any limits here.

You will be moved into a new world that will fascinate you. You will be taken away from reality and into a new universe. The events and the locations are colorful and magical.

The characters often leave the real world and set out into an adventure in the fantasy land.

The most common fantasy anime are: Inuyasha and No Game No Life.

– Animes mostly for children

There are animes that were initially made for children. However, some of them got extremely famous among people of all ages. Pokémon is the best example. 

On an international level, Pokémon reached cult status. If you want to watch other animes in the genre, go for Digimon or Machine Robo Rescue.

– Game

This category is all about playing. Whether it’s a virtual game or an old-school board or card game, this is the main theme. The biggest franchise in this field is definitely Yu-Gi-Oh!. This one inspired other animes such as Sword Art Online or Cardfight.

– Mystery

If you like to be captivated, this one is for you. It focuses on a main mysterious event that needs to be solved. It often features detectives.

Among the examples we have: Eden of the East, Tantei Opera Milky Homes and Detective Conan.

– Comedy

The comedy genre is rarely set in other times than the present. It is great to enjoy anytime. It boosts your mood and it relaxes you. You can watch it alone to recharge your batteries. Or you can invite some friends over to laugh together.

The jokes are easy to understand. You can find simple jokes in other animes, but comedies focus always on jokes and a good time.

The anime comedies cover everything from funny moments or scenes and hilarious situations.

If you are looking for a new comedy, here are some fun examples: Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Comedies are almost always focused on teenagers or young adults, so it is easy to relate to them. They will also offer you great jokes that you can use to impress your friends. 

If you just began to watch animes, you can start with romance or action anime movies. Comedies are also usually liked by very many fans. If you already watched a few, you can go further and explore genres such as mystery, historical or supernatural ones.