All You Need to Know About the Anime Community

If you are an avid anime fan, it is only likely that you’ve come across the term �anime community’. But what is the anime community in the first place? How did it originate? Well, these are some of the questions we are going to answer over the next few sections.

What Is The Anime Community?

Anime or the manga community refers to a global community of anime and manga fans. Here, anime refers to a broad spectrum that includes animate movies, TV series, and videos. Additionally, it also includes manga shows, graphic novels, manga portraits, and any other relevant artwork. While the community originates in Japanese entertainment, their style and culture have spread across the globe since anime was introduced in the Western world back in the 1990s.

Anime Community and Otaku

In Japanese, Otaku refers to individuals with obsessive interests like anime, manga, graphic novels, and most importantly, video games. In its perfectly original context, otaku came to be derived from a Japanese phrase that referred to another individual’s family or house. This is perhaps best defined as an honorific second-person pronoun in the famed anime community.

Its modern slang variant is different from the older usage since it is primarily written in hiragana as opposed to Katakana that the older variant was written in. In 1982, an anime by the name of Macross was aired for the Japanese audience, and it is believed the term first came to be used in this series alone. Here, Otaku was used by Lynn Minmay to suggest something honorific. It is widely believed that the term was coined by the iconic humorist Akio Nakamori in his famous series An Investigation of Otaku that was released in 1983.

Anime Community For English Speakers

The anime fan community for English speakers began during the early 1970s, and since then, it steadily evolved. As per the insights of Japanese scholar Fred Patten, the first club that was entirely devoted to the Japanese animation can be attributed to the Cartoon or Fantasy Organization that started in the American city Los Angeles, during 1977. The growth of the community can be best defined by the lofty waves that Gilles Poitra, Bruce Lewis and Cathy Sterling term as generations. These generations are often driven by a specific work that is incredibly popular among the community.

Eventually, both the Japanese speaking and English-speaking anime communities piqued popularity with the advent of the internet and other simpler modes of communication like social media platforms. Certain anime communities also have an entire website dedicated to discussions.

How to Be an Active Part Of the Anime Community?

If you’re an avid fan of anime and are looking to join these communities, it is important to follow the next few guidelines. As you read these tips, you’ll know what exactly will make you stand out in the crowd of several other anime fans like you.

Familiarize Yourself With The Shows

It goes without mention that in order to be an active part of the anime community, you first need to familiarize yourself with the iconic anime shows. News about the most popular series or TV shows can be found when you read anime magazines. Otaku USA is one of the common magazines here. You will find it in practically all bookstores. Another top option here would be the Shounen Jump magazine that comes with incredible manga, comics and artwork about the Shounen boy.

Once you’ve found the right magazines, you can pick the shows you’d want to watch. Most of these magazines will offer insightful details about the top anime shows. Finally, when you’ve zeroed in on the shows, start watching them on your preferred channel. Most of these shows are available on Cartoon Network. Others, however, can only be accessed through live anime streaming websites. If you live outside Japan, you can also watch these shows on digital streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can see a list here.

If you’re looking to go an edge ahead, check out the DVDs of your favorite shows and buy/rent them online.

Anime Cosplay

Now that you’re familiar with your favorite shows, it is time to go the next level by participating in anime cosplay. But what is anime cosplay in the first place? Well, it is as simple as it sounds. Anime cosplay refers to the act of imitating your favorite anime characters by dressing and behaving like them.

Start by choosing a character who has almost a similar weight and height as you. Here, it is important to choose a recognizable character instead of an obscure one. Next, dye or style your hair according to your character and get the kind of costume they wear. Finally, participate in a cosplay convention and show off your fancy dress and new look. Get yourself photographed and post your pictures in the community for more interaction.

Anime Conventions

While we already mentioned this in the previous section, it is important to focus on this as anime conventions are an excellent way to meet like-minded anime fans. Depending on your location, look for anime conventions in and around the locality. Most big American, European and Asian cities host anime conventions from time to time. Find out about these conventions and participate in them.

Anime Merchandise

You can never be a true part of the anime community unless you splurge on anime merchandise. So, check out the best merchandise available and get them right away! You can also make your very own anime-art and show it to your buddies in the community.

Anime Music and Video Games

Finally, as the last layer of engagement, it is important to check out anime music and play anime video games. This is a great way to bond with fellow community members.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what the anime community is and how it originated, we are certain that all your questions about the community have been duly answered. If you have more insights or have a specific query about the community, feel free to reach out in the comments sections. In the simplest terms, anime community comprises of people like you and me, who enjoy watching anime and are always on the lookout of latest news and tidbits about our favorite shows.